SEO Marketing education -What is SEO?

What is SEO

Welcome to sontagprize education, here we educate business owners about SEO and how they can use it to their advantage. SEO marketing is a crucial marketing practice online and without it, your online business will not survive. So, what exactly is SEO?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the first and most important requirement to get the desired exposure for your website. SEO will make your site come out on top of search engines. Therefore, it is important for all websites to implement proven strategies to boost the visibility of their websites. If you are a beginner, you might find it hard to implement SEO. In this case, you can use the help of a reliable seo services London to make your site search engine friendly. An seo company London can boost the visibility of any website regardless of type and size. If you are looking for some SEO tips, you can consider the following.


Your first focus needs to be on the keywords. Keywords will enable search engines to find your website for similar searches. It is not only important to add relevant and unique keywords; you should also use the keywords in the most appropriate pages to enhance the visibility of your site. For example, if you use five keywords in one paragraph or page, it might confuse Google. Therefore, you should use one keyword on one page. Also, you can add your keyword in the topic to get more visibility.


You cannot underestimate the role of content both in offline and online marketing. Content is most powerful and it can make or break a website. For example, if you use poor and duplicate content, then your website will not appear on top of search engines. Also, your visitors will not spend time on your website if they do not find anything relevant and unique. If you use powerful, simple, and unique content, then it will be appreciated by both search engines and your target audience. If you want to get a high ranking, then use short, unique, relevant, and simple content. Longer content might not offer the desired benefit. It should not be too short as well.

Website Speed

The website speed has a determining role. If it takes long to load your website, then your visitors are not going to read the contents. They will prefer the one with faster speed. The search engines also consider the page-loading speed. You can increase the speed of your website by following some proven strategies such as reducing plug-ins, minimizing directs, and optimizing image sizes. You can also evaluate the speed of your website by using some free tools such as the Google PageSpeed Insights and Webpage Test.

Social Networking Sites

In the current condition, all types of websites are using social networking sites to reach both their local and global buyers. You can promote your website on social networking sites. You can use powerful content to impress your followers and to convert them into buyers. They will visit your website and might promote it in their groups and that will ultimately boost the visibility of your website.

Mobile-friendly Designs

Now more people are using their smartphones to get information about a product or service. If you want to reach them, you will have to make your site mobile friendly. Also, Google is penalizing all those websites that are not mobile optimized. If you want a high ranking, then first you will have to ensure that mobile users are able to easily access your website. It will also offer an enhanced user experience which is important for the success of your website.

Outbound Links

If you want a better exposure for your content then you can link them to some authority sites. Make sure that you are using only authority sites to increase the ranking of your website. If you focus on the new and inexperienced websites, then visitors might not find your website worth visiting. Also, using authority sites will send trust signals to Google and that will help to boost your ranking.


Readability is closely associated with the enhanced user experience. You should always write content for the common people. Your sole objective needs to make your content simple and easy to understand. Even the experts believe that Google prefers easy to read content and take it into account while ranking a website.

You can try all these to get high rankings. If required, you can also contact Swift SEO Direct. They offer affordable SEO and proven strategies to boost the visibility of your site.

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